Learned Societies


There are many Learned Societies, international, regional and local, specifically for sugar technologists. All specialise in one way or another. You can access some of their web sites either through the index to the right or through the menu bar above.

The International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists [ISSCT] is exactly that. It supports technologists in both cane agriculture and cane processing, holding regular highly focused workshops around the world and then organises a Congress every three years.

Sugar Industry Technologists [SIT] is also an international organisation. It supports technologists in sugar refining and holds an annual meeting, usually in May, in association with a port refinery somewhere in the world.

The British Society of Sugar Technologists [BSST] is also exactly that. It supports British sugar technologists of all disciplines and in all sectors [beet, cane and refining]. It holds two meetings a year, each of one day's duration.