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Welcome to the British Society of Sugar Technologists!

The Society was originally formed in 1981 [as the British Society of Sugar Cane Technologists] to provide a focus for the many UK residents who have connections with the cane sugar industry, including the growing of cane, its processing to raw and refined sugar and the utilisation of its products and by-products. Over the years the membership and its interests broadened to cover beet as well as cane and end users as well as producers so the society changed its name in 2004, dropping the word 'Cane' from its title.

The Society meets twice a year; the Annual General Meeting is held in the Spring in London and an Autumn Technical Meeting is held at a venue related to the industry. While giving members the opportunity to present and discuss formal papers, the meetings also provide a forum for the informal exchange of technical information.

The Society is affiliated to the International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists. Individual membership of ISSCT is facilitated by membership of BSST. There is no beet equivalent of the ISSCT but the Council has established contact with sugar technology associations in other EU countries.


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