Sugar Industry Portal


This part of the domain is dedicated to helping sugar industry technologists of all disciplines by providing industry news and links to a range of online resources of one form or another.

There are various sections to browse through which you can access either through the index to the right or through the menu bar above.

The Sugar Industry News page is updated monthly and brings both technical and commercial news items to the readers' attention. If a particular item attracts your attention then you will inevitably find out more by using your preferred internet search engine to track it down. If you cannot find out more then you can contact us via the menu bar above.

There are many Learned Societies specifically for sugar technologists. There is an introductory page to them or, if you know which web site you wish to access, you can click through directly to it. Each opens in its own browser tab so just shut it down when finished.

Thermal Energy Systems is an associate company of SKIL that specialises in the engineering of fibrous fuel boilers and associated power stations.

The Sugar Engineers' Library is a web domain which is dedicated to the support of sugar technologists.