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Welcome to the BSST's Meetings Page

Here you will find out about our meetings and be able to access whatever papers are available on-line.

We hold two meetings per year : a Spring meeting in London which is also the AGM of the Society and an Autumn meeting elsewhere, typically at a location with some relevance to the sugar industry. Over the years we have been to sites as diverse as Tate & Lyle Thames Refinery, the Brewing Museum in Burton, the Thames Barrier, British Sugar Wissington, Didcot Rail Museum [2004 : the Bicentennial of rail] and even the Calais Sugar Terminal. The AGM is usually on the second Thursday following Easter and the ATM is typically on a Thursday in mid October.

The next meeting of the Society, the 2021 AGM will be a virtual meeting but it is hoped that the AGM will be a physical event. You are asked to complete a simple poll for the ATM :

Thursday April 22nd 2021 at 10:00 by Zoom:  AGM 2020/21

Thursday October 7th 2021 at:  British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland, Lancashire ATM 2021 Poll

Most of the papers presented to the Society at the meetings held over the last 25 years are available from the Secretary on CD. In addition, some of the more recent ones are available in the library on this website.Library

Each year, the Society selects the best paper of the year for the Mike Bennett Award. The selection process follows strict guidelines for allocating points.