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Annual Technical Meetings

The Technical Meetings of SIT usually take place in May each year, the location changing from year to year and with every effort made to span the world. The 2015 meeting was held in Osaka, Japan for instance, the 2016 meeting in New York, USA and the 2017 meeting in Tainan, ROC.

Meetings for the near future are as follows:

2018  March 25 - 28 BONITA SPRINGS, FL, USAFlag
2019  May 5 - 8 DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICAFlag
2020  May 3 - 6 NEW ORLEANS, LA, USAFlag
2021  tba DUBAI, UAEFlag
SIT publishes Guidelines for Authors. If you are considering submitting a paper or poster, please read these:   Read the Guidelines

There are several ways that you can find out about the past papers of the SIT:

• Technical Papers and Proceedings are published annually as hard copy. These should be in your company library.
• The full papers of every meeting from 1941 to 2013 are now available in the eLibrary.Go to the Library

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