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2018 Meeting: Bonita Springs, Florida
Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa    March 25 - 28  2018

The 77th annual SIT Technical Conference will be held in the USA this year. Registration is open. The Detailed Program plus List of Papers and the Spousal / Guest Program are all now available. This year's meeting will be hosted by the US Sugar Corporation which operates the Clewiston sugarcane factory and refinery. The factory is expected to be operating at the time of the visit as well as the refinery.

Bonita Springs
Bonita Springs is on Florida's southern gulf coast about half way between Fort Meyers and Naples. It is very much a resort destination. The weather in March is usually still pleasant with daytime temperatures hovering around the upper 20's centigrade [early 80's fahrenheit] and nighttime still in the 20's [upper 60's].

Clewiston, just to the south of Lake Okeechobee, is about 70 miles to the east of Bonita Springs.

The Meeting will be held at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa located a bit north of Bonita Springs and right down on Estero Bay, an estuarial brackish bay of 4000 ha [10,000 acres] which is separated from the Gulf of Mexico by a chain of barrier islands. You can find out more about the hotel at its website. This year you can book the hotel online at a dedicated web page created by the hotel or, if you prefer, you can phone the hotel on +1 888-421-1442 quoting reference 'Sugar Industry Technologists'. The hotel will not accept email applications. The deadline for room booking is March 5 2018 but you are advised to book early as there are limited rooms reserved for SIT. The cost is $339.00 per night whether single or double occupancy.

The USA has strict entry rules which must be followed carefully. Citizens of some countries can enter on a visa waiver programme provided they have completed the 'ESTA' process. All others must be in possession of a valid visa. You can find out more about visa requirements at the government's visa website.

Air travel is clearly the easiest way to get to southern Florida and you have a range of international airports to choose from. Flying internally [and internationally from Canada], the closest airport is Fort Meyers.


Sunday, March 25, 2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm RegistrationEstero Prefunction, Main Level
9:00 am - 2:30 pm Presenters' RehearsalSanibel Room, Main Level
2:00 pm - 10:00 pm ExhibitorsEstero C Room, Main Level
3:30 pm - 5:30 pm SIT Directors MeetingSanibel Room, Main Level
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm SIT Mixer ReceptionWaterfall Pool Deck
[Sponsored by Sugar Cane Growers CO-OP of Florida]
Monday, March 26, 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm RegistrationEstero Prefunction, Main Level
8:00 am - 10:00 pm ExhibitorsEstero C Room, Main Level
9:00 am Spousal /Guest Program Departure for Tour / Luncheon from Hotel LobbyReturn at 4:00 pm
FIRST TECHNICAL SESSIONEstero A and B Ballroom, Main Level
Michael Burchell - Presiding
ASR Group – C&H Sugar Company

8:30 amAddress of Welcome Paul Schorn, President, Sugar Industry Technologists
8:40 am #1180Keynote SpeakerRobert H. Buker Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, US Sugar Corporation
9.20 am #1181“Developments in the repeatability of Cooling Crystalliser performance”Chris Mayhew, Carlton Haynes, Robert Howe, David Cooper, Craig Parker, British Sugar
10:00 amCoffee Break/Poster Presentations
10.30 am #1182"Powder Characteristics of Granulated Sugar in Japan"Miki Sakazaki, Research Section, Research and Development Division, Mitsui Sugar, Japan
11:10 am #1183"Use of Multifunctional Adsorbents as a Pretreatment Improves GAC/IER Column Performance"Idalberto Delgado and Jerry Lengen, Sugar Segment, Graver Technologies
11:40Annual General Meeting of the Corporation of Sugar Industry Technologists, Inc.
 Election of Board of Directors
12:00 pmMeeting of New Board of Directors
12:10 pmS.I.T. Lunch - NetworkingEstero Terrace
Sponsored by Jord International
SECOND TECHNICAL SESSIONEstero A and B Ballroom, Main Level
David Demone - Presiding
ASR Group – American Sugar Refining, Inc

1.30 pm #1184"Energy and Water Efficiency in 2018 at Redpath - Recent Progress in Toronto and the Use of Simple Data Analysis in ASR’s Pursuit of Sustainability"George Carter, Redpath Sugar
2.05 pm #1185"Efforts for reducing the Thermo-Acidophilic Bacilli levels to Japanese major company’s requirement"Naoyuki Matsuda, Quality Control Section, Fukuoka Factory, Mitsui Sugar
2.40 pm #1186"Molasses Filtration with Automatic Discharge of Dry Solids"Stefan Schöpf & Stefan Strasser* - Lenzing Technik GmbH
3:30 pmCoffee Break/Poster Presentations
3.30 pm #1187"Zero Effluent Ion Exchange Resins Decolorization System in Sugar Refineries"Marc André Théoleyre, Anne Gonin, and Dominique Paillat, EURODIA Industrie
4:05 pm #1188SYMPOSIUM A : "Sustainability"

Chairman and Moderator:Jack ThompsonLouisiana Sugar Refining
Panelists:Seth RichardLouisiana Sugar Refining
 Daryl SabourinAmerican Sugar Refining
 William CostelloCargill

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm RegistrationEstero Prefunction, Main Level
8:00 am - 4:00 pm ExhibitorsEstero C Room, Main Level
9:00 am Spousal /Guest Program Departure for Tour / Luncheon from Hotel LobbyReturn at 4:00 pm
THIRD TECHNICAL SESSIONEstero A and B Ballroom, Main Level
Jack Thompson - Presiding
Louisiana Sugar Refining, LLC

8:30 am #1189"Efforts to Reduce the Colour Load of Raw Sugar Entering a Sugar Refinery"Emmanuel M. Sarir and Benhur Pabon, Carbo-Solutions International
9:05 am #1190"Policy makers and political masters"Arvind Chudasama, International Sugar Journal
9:40 am #1191"Development of a Linear Pan Growth Approach (Part II)"Chris Mayhew, Carlton Haynes, Robert Howe, and Craig Parker, British Sugar
10:15 amCoffee Break/Poster Presentations
10:50 am #1192"Improving the repeatability of low side sugar colour management"David Cooper, Mark Lomax, Craig Parker and Bjarne Nielson - British Sugar and Neltec Denmark
11:25 am #1193"White Sugar Ash Control via Recovery Sugar Color Control"Connor Bourgeois & Greg Martin – ASR Group, Chalmette Refinery
12:00 NoonLunchon your own
FOURTH TECHNICAL SESSIONEstero A and B Ballroom, Main Level
Paul Schorn - Presiding
Tongaat Hulett Sugar

2:00 pm #1194"Selection of the Operating Parameters in Sugar Crystallisation Control"Lajos Rozsa - K-PATENTS Oy
2:35 pm #1195"VHP refineries with sugar yield of over 98.5% by production of value added granular brown sugar"Jeffrey Leblanc, Dr. Chou Technologies, Inc. USA; Jeffrey J Lancon, Prodigy Engineering Group. LLC, USA; Chung Chi Chou, Dr. Chou Technologies, Inc. USA
3:10 pmCoffee Break/Poster Presentations
3:30 pm #1196SYMPOSIUM B : "Improving Yield"

Chairman and Moderator:Jack ThompsonLouisiana Sugar Refining
Panelists:Vadim KocherginAmalgamated Research
 Reinhold HempelmannBMA AG
 Malcolm TopferSugar Knowledge International Limited

4:50 pm Invitation to Durban, South Africa FlagPaul Schorn, Tongaat Hulett Sugar
5:10 pmPresident's Closing Remarks
7:00 pm ReceptionEstero Prefunction, Main Level
8:00 pm BanquetEstero Ballroom, Main Level
10:00 pm Entertainment
Wednesday, March 28, 2018
8:00 am First Bus leaves for USSC Refinery
1:30 pm Lunch at the Refinery
4:30 pm Buses return to hotel


The guest program showcases two quite different aspects of Southern Florida :

Day 1Cruising Naples
Today's visit is to Naples and a cruise with lunch on board the Naples Princess, a 32 metre cabin cruiser licensed for up to 149 passengers. As always there will be a chance to shop before returning to Bonita Springs.
Day 219th Century Winter Estates
Today, the visit is to the winter estates of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford in Fort Meyers. The two estates, side by side, comprise 20 acres of historical buildings, historic gardens and a museum. The Edison Ford Museum has hundreds of inventions, artifacts and special exhibits.

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