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2016 Meeting: New York, USA
Grand Hyatt Hotel    May 15 - 18  2016

New York is the location for the 75th annual SIT Technical Conference. Registration is open, the Detailed Program plus List of Papers is available and the Spousal / Guest Program is available. Please note that, because this is SIT's 75th anniversary, the awards banquet at this year's conference will be a 'black tie preferred' event. Suggested attire includes tuxedos / dinner jackets and long gowns. While many SIT members and guests will be following the recommended dress code, we understand that the choice of attire is ultimately an individual decision for each attendee. We look forward to celebrating SIT's 75th anniversary with you!

New York
In the mid 19th century there were at least 18 sugar refineries in New York. Now, with the closure of Brooklyn, the city has only the one refinery which is in Yonkers about 15 miles up the Hudson River from downtown.

The city really needs no introduction. In May, spring is in full swing with ideal weather conditions and there is much to see. There is a city website with a tourism section but there are also numerous unofficial web sites that are are just as informative.

The Meeting will be held at the Grand Hyatt hotel located on Park Avenue at Grand Central in midtown Manhattan. It is a few steps from Grand Central Terminal and within walking distance of Times Square, the Rockefeller Centre, Broadway and Fifth Avenue. You can find out more about the hotel at its website. This year you can book the hotel online at a dedicated web page created by the hotel or, if you prefer, you can phone the hotel on +1 800 233 1234 quoting reference 'Sugar Industry Technologists'. The hotel will not accept email applications. The deadline for room booking is April 15 2016 but you are advised to book early as there are limited rooms reserved for SIT. The cost is $359.00 per night whether single or double occupancy.

The USA has strict entry rules which must be followed carefully. Citizens of some countries can enter on a visa waiver programme provided they have completed the 'ESTA' process. All others must be in possession of a valid visa. You can find out more about visa requirements at the government's visa website.

Air travel is clearly the easiest way to get to New York. Several airports serve the city, all of which are suitable arrival points : Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark. They are all within a 12 mile radius of midtown where the hotel is. You will be on a domestic or regional leg if you arrive at LaGuardia.

The shuttle bus system is probably the most convenient way to get from the airport to the hotel, all three airports offering shuttles to Grand Central. The Kennedy and LaGuardia operator is NYC Airporter. You can buy tickets on line before leaving home. The Newark operator is Newark Airport Express and again you can buy your ticket(s) online. Please note that the bus stop is on 41st Street, not 42nd so one block from the hotel.


Sunday, May 15, 2016
9:00 am - 5:00 pm RegistrationMezzanine, Mezzanine Level
3:30 pm - 5:30 pm SIT Directors MeetingImperial-Morosco Room, Conference Level
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm SIT Mixer ReceptionGallery on Lex, Lobby Level
Entertainment Sponsored by Lantic Sugar
Monday, May 16, 2016
8:00 am - 5:00 pm RegistrationFoyer Manhattan Ballroom, Lobby Level
9:00 am Spousal /Guest Program Departure for Tour / Luncheon from Hotel LobbyReturn at 4:30 pm
FIRST TECHNICAL SESSIONManhattan Ballroom, Lobby Level
Dave Meadows - Presiding
Tongaat Hulett Limited

8:30 amAddress of Welcome David Pelham, President, Sugar Industry Technologists
8:50 am #1126Keynote SpeakerDr. Courtney Gaine, Interim President and CEO, Sugar Association, Washington DC
9.20 am #1127“Opportunities and Challenges from the Emerging Bioeconomy for the Sugar Sector”Arvind Chudasama, International Sugar Journal
9:50 amCoffee Break/Poster Presentations
10.10 am #1128"Optimisation of White Sugar Colour Management through the Utilisation of On-Line Colour Cameras"Craig Parker, Robert Howe, Brian Black, Carlton Haynes and Catherine Bouché, British Sugar PLC and ITECA SOCADEI
10:40 am #1129"New Controls for Batch and Continuous Centrifugals"B. C. Nielsen, T. Diringer and F. Freitas, Neltec Denmark
11:10 am #1130"Novel Adsorbent for Improved Color and Turbidity Reduction with Reduced Process Losses"Idalberto Delgado and Jerry Lengen, Graver Technologies, Glasgow DE, USA
11:40 am #1131"White Sugar Production by Cooling Crystallization for Energy Cost Saving Using Data of Sugar Crystallization Program"Osama Z. El-Abdein, United Sugar Company of Egypt, Savola Group, Sokhna Port, Suez, Egypt
12:10 NoonAnnual General Meeting of the Corporation of Sugar Industry Technologists, Inc.
 Election of Board of Directors
12:20 pmMeeting of New Board of Directors
12:30 pmS.I.T. Lunch - NetworkingMuseum Space, Lobby Level
SECOND TECHNICAL SESSIONManhattan Ballroom, Lobby Level
Trevor Ohlson - Presiding
Lantic Inc. - Vancouver

2.00 pm #1132"High Performance Adsorbants (HPA) Eco-Friendly Technology for Color Removal in Sugar"E.M.Sarir, B.R.Pabon, C.A. Donado, Carbo Solutions International
2.30 pm #1133"The Use of Colour Precipitants in a Carbonatation Refinery"José Manuel Chorão, RAR – Refinarias de Açúcar Reunidas, Portugal, Julien Arnold and David Hunkeler, AQUA+TECH Specialties SA, Geneva, Switzerland
3.00 pm #1134"Dextranase Application in Sucrose Solutions – Towards a Better Understanding"Abraham, K.b, a; Hagen, S.a; Schlumbach, K.a; Rohde, A.b; Flöter, E.a; a Technical University Berlin, Berlin, Germany, b Sternenzym, Ahrensburg, Germany
3:30 pm #1135"Some Thoughts on Ash in Sugars"Stephen J. Clarke, Meshugger LLC - Sugar Chemistry and Technology, West Palm Beach, FL, USA
4:00 pmComfort Break/Poster Presentations
4:00 pm #1136SYMPOSIUM A : "What else from sugar? Biorefineries and Beyond"

Chairman and Moderator:Trevor OhlsonLantic Inc. - Vancouver
Panelists:Bob HoweFactory Manager, Wissington Factory, British Sugar
 Mike InksonSugar Knowledge International Limited
 Steve ClarkeMeshugger LLC - Sugar Chemistry and Technology

Tuesday, May 17, 2016
8:00 am - 5:00 pm RegistrationFoyer Manhattan Ballroom, Lobby Level
9:00 am Spousal /Guest Program Departure for Tour / Luncheon from Hotel LobbyReturn at 4:00 pm
THIRD TECHNICAL SESSIONManhattan Ballroom, Lobby Level
Michael Burchell - Presiding
ASR Group –C&H Sugar Company, Inc.

8:30 am #1137"The challenge to design a State of the Art Greenfield Sugar Refinery – An African Experience"Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Stark, and Dipl.-Ing. Robert Emeis, IPRO, Industrieprojekt GmbH, Braunschweig, Germany
9:00 am #1138"Optimizing Feeding and Screening Equipment with Means of Ansys Simulation and 3d Solid Works Software"Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Koch, M.Sc. Rajesh Arulnesan and Dr. Ing. Axel Wellendorf, RHEWUM GmbH, Remscheid, Germany
9:30 am #1139"IT-Security in Process Control Systems Operating in Sugar Production Facilities"Bernd Langhans, Siemens AG
10:00 amCoffee Break/Poster Presentations
10:30 am #1140"Operational Improvements of Granular Activated Carbon Station through Continuous Improvement"Jesse Williams, American Sugar Refining, Yonkers, NY, USA
11:00 am #1141"Pulse Testing as a Useful Tool for Troubleshooting Industrial Size Ion Exchange Operations"Vadim Kochergin, M. Scott Brandon, Trent Holcomb, and Stan Case, Amalgamated Research, LLC (ARi), Amalgamated Sugar Company, USA
11:30 am #1142"Automatic Seeding System for Vacuum Pan Operation"Greg Martin, ASR Group, Chalmette Refinery, New Orleans LA USA
12:00 NoonLunchon your own
FOURTH TECHNICAL SESSIONManhattan Ballroom, Lobby Level
Jack Thompson - Presiding
Louisiana Sugar Refining, LLC

2:00 pm #1143"On-line Monitoring of Crystallization Control Practices: Case Studies from Different Parts of the World"Seppo Kilpinen, Eero Mielonen, K-PATENTS Oy, Helsinki, Finland, and Lajos Rozsa PhD, ZUTORA Ltd., Budapest, Hungary
2:30 pm #1144"Optimised Sugar Refinery Model"Dr. Ing. Mohsen Makina, BMA MENA Industries SARL, BIOMASS INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATES (BIA), Tunis, Tunisia, Dipl. Ing. Steffen Kaufmann, BMA Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG, Braunschweig, Germany
3:00 pm #1145"50 Years of Progress in Sugar Technologies from 1G to 4th Generation --- A Benchmark"Dr. Chung Chi Chou, President, Dr. Chou Technologies, Inc., USA
3:30 pmComfort Break/Poster Presentations
3:50 pm #1146SYMPOSIUM B : "Microbiological Issues in Refineries"

Chairman and Moderator:Trevor OhlsonLantic Inc. - Vancouver
Panelists:Stephanie BoonUSDA
 Mark WnukowskiASR Group - Manager QA/Food Safety
 Maureen WrightUSDA

5:00 pm Invitation to Tainan, Taiwan FlagDr. Chao-Yih Chen, Chairman of Taiwan Sugar Corporation
5:20 pmPresident's Closing Remarks
7:00 pm ReceptionEmpire State Ballroom II
Entertainment sponsored by Lantic Inc.
8:00 pm BanquetEmpire State Ballroom III
10:00 pm Entertainment– Sponsored by Lantic Inc.
Wednesday, May 18, 2016
9:00 am First Bus leaves for Yonkers Refinery
10:30 am Bus leaves hotel for Guests attending lunch only
12:00 pm Lunch at Castle Royale
3:00 pm Buses return to hotel/airport


The guest program tries to capture as much of Manhattan - the core of NY NY - as possible :

Day 1Downtown and Midtown Manhattan
The more business part of the city :
  • Battery Park and East River Waterfront
  • Financial District [including Ground Zero and the 9/11 Memorial]
  • Times Square, Empire State Building
  • Lunch at Rock Center Café
  • Trip to the top of the Rockefeller Center
Day 2Uptown Manhattan
The more artistic part of the city :
  • Central Park, Harlem, Lincoln Center, Columbus Circle, Museum Mile and 5th Avenue
  • Lunch Cruise on the harbour
  • Chelsea Market and the High Line

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