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Election to membership shall be by application in writing outlining your qualifications or interest, followed by an approval of the Executive Committee. There are various classes of membership, as set out below:

Class of MembershipAnnual Fee
Refining Corporate Membership
Open to any firm or corporation engaged in cane sugar refining.
US$ 450
Allied Corporate Membership
Open to any firm, corporation, partnership or proprietorship engaged in a business of supplying goods or services to the Cane Sugar Refining Industry, or engaged in cane milling, beet sugar manufacturing, corn sugar manufacturing and societies of these industries.
US$ 450
Associate Membership
Open to any employee of a Corporate Member.
US$ 40
Affiliate Membership
Open to any person interested in the Cane Sugar Refining Industry, excepting those persons engaged in the supplying goods and services to the Cane Sugar Industry as a self employed person, as a member of a partnership, or as an employee of a firm or corporation so engaged.
US$ 60
Emeritus Membership
Open to any person who has been an Associate or Affiliate Member in good standing for a minimum of ten years and who has retired from professional activity in the Cane Sugar Refining or Allied Industries, or who has become incapacitated, at his request may be transferred to Emeritus Membership on approval by the Executive Committee.
Please note that the annual fee is for membership only and does not include the cost of attending the annual meeting which varies each year and is notified at the time of registering for the meeting.
You may apply for membership by printing out and posting or faxing the application form. It is a pdf document so if you do not have Adobe Acrobat you will have to download the free reader from Adobe's web site.Acrobat Reader
We hope to let you apply on-line soon.

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