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Links to other Sugar Industry Sites

You might like to try some of these other sugar technology sites, some of which are listed in the text on how sugar is made. Each site has been reviewed by us and was considered suitable for listing at the time. Although we try and keep up to date it is always possible that a site has changed or even disappeared. Please drop us a note if you have problems, you can use the E-mail link on the left.

Illovo Sugar Select "The World of Sugar" from the home page.
This site, updated not long ago, is particularly useful because it gives a good description of raw sugar production and has its own links page to further sites. It also has information on sugar production statistics and human nutrition.
Monitor Sugar Select the "Tour" from the home page.
This well presented site has three tours of the beet sugar operation, depending on your age and competence. There is also information on beet agriculture.
RAR RAR is a Portuguese sugar refinery which operates an excellent site describing how sugar is refined.
Tongaat Hulett Select the "Process" part of this site from the home page although there are sections on agriculture too.
The sugar refinery part of this site is interesting with good technical details of each stage of the refining process. The cane milling part of the site is also interesting for technologists because each mill is listed with its installed equipment.
SugarOnline This site is the definitive source for information about the commercial aspects of the sugar industry. If you want to know about sugar pricing, sugar trading or want to know how to buy sugar then go there first: SKIL cannot really help you on these subjects!

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