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We have been asked to set up a list of email addresses for fellow sugar technologists so that you can keep in touch or find lost friends. We will do our best to keep it in alphabetical order by surname.

To stop strangers "harvesting" your addresses from the site we have not listed them in full and have replaced the @ symbol with the word 'at'. Unfortunately this means that you have to compose the full address yourself when you first use it but we think that is better than be swamped with junk mail! We are currently [slowly!] replacing the listings with the images that you see starting to appear as harvesting 'bots' are learning to deal with the missing 'at'.

Why not list your address, you can use the E-mail link on the left? If you are listed then please keep us advised of any changes. Thank you

--Person's Name-- --Comment-- --email at domain--
Albert Thenet, Jaques ex Mauritius, Booker Tate, US Sugar; now a Florida based Consultant
Blunt, Roy ex South Africa [Illovo and SCI] then Colombia and Louisiana, now at Clewiston
Boeyink, Gé The sugar cooler man from Bulkflow Technologies, now with Dimple-t
Clark, Ian ex Swaziland, Malawi and Mozambique - now S African based consultant on Florida assignment
Driscoll, Dennis ex Booker Tate, now offering HR consultancy services to agricultural development projects and companies in LDCs
Endres, Trevor ex South Africa, Zambia, Louisiana and Jeddah, now back home with TSB Sugar, Pongola
Inkson, Mike ex Tate+Lyle, BT, Triangle
Jais, Peter Charles Ex SMRI, now owner of Sugarsoft - Brazil
Johnson, Mike ex Booker Tate, now living in Canada and doing consultancy johnson
Loker, Colin ex Tongaat Hulett, now with Booker Tate in Jeddah cloker
Mead, Alan ex Tate and Lyle, now working part time at TLPT alan.n.mead
Olvhoj, Poul ex British Sugar, Fletcher Smith, Napier Brown, BSO, now in Peterborough on his own poul
Parris, Tony ex Tate & Lyle, BT, WISCo, Iberia Sugar, presently consulting from Louisiana
Ravishankar, Sambasivan ex Booker Tate in various countries, now returned to India but still consulting for them sherbet_gy
Ravno, Bernard retired as Technical Director of the Illovo, now consulting for SASA, BP and SMRI abravno
Robb, Allan ex British Sugar at home and overseas, now living in Queensland afrobb
Sheppard, Eddie ex BAI and Booker Tate, now with ConUtrol Instrument Services in Dorchester England eddie
Singh, G.C. ex India and Kenana [Sudan], Al Kaleej Dubai, now back in India
Singh, Indrajit ex India, Syria and now Arabian Sugar, Bahrain
Upfold, Jon All you need to know about Ratoon Stunting Disease : Mr Hot Water Treatment himself! upfold
Vawda, Ahmed South African, Ex Illovo, ex Huletts, ex Khaleej and now at United Sugar in Jeddah avawda
Wright, Peter Australian, Ex SRI and now offering consultancy peterwright

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