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Cane Process Survey and Commissioning Engineer

Fives Cail, a company of the Fives group, designs and supplies process equipments and complete plants for the sugar, and bioethanol industries from cane and beet.

Synthesis of offer :

You will be in charge of the technical missions for cane process workshops consisting in :

  • Management of site surveys, expertise and commissioning of equipment and installations
  • Preparing and issuing sizing calculations of process equipment
  • Supporting sales through visits with sales managers and promotion of our equipmentStudies & Development of process equipment, considering fabrication costs, energy performances, environment footprint, quality and safety.
  • Manage feed back of Products improvements on our licensees
  • Assuring quality, quantity, and completeness of the engineering tasks assigned.
  • Performing other engineering related work as required

The job is based at the Fives Fletcher offices in Derby, UK answering to the Products and Development department manager but will involve frequent international trips (one to several weeks missions, cumulated period abroad roughly more than 150 days).

The job is expected to be awarded to a Process Engineer or Thermal Engineer with good knowledge in cane sugar process house and energy Experience and with a minimum 10 years experience in sugar cane industry. He or she should have :

  • Good oral and written command of English. Espagnol or Portugese would be an asset
  • Proficiency in Excel/Word/PowerPoint
  • Good analytical and communication skills
  • Detail-oriented and autonomous

If you are interested in this position, contact FC using the address :

Consulting Engineers and Technologists

SKIL is always pleased to hear from experienced sugar people who want to join its staff, whether as a full member of staff, a franchisee or just on its list of available consultants.

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